Anonymous asked: "I used to identify as an anti feminist and it made me feel better because I knew what I believed. I knew that I believed in equality between everyone, so I didn't think a label had to be stamped on it. A majority of anti feminists are misrepresented because of the name. Most aren't against equality or misinformed. They just don't like how feminism looks from the view of someone who isn't already a feminist. However, I'm saying this as someone who has only recently hopped on the feminist train."

Yeah the main issue I have with it is the name… Like if you’re ‘anti’ something it does sound like you’re against the whole concept of it… I don’t think people should feel like they shouldn’t identify as a feminist though just cos someone might get the wrong idea, but I do get that feminism does have its problems!

Anonymous asked: "I'm not an antifeminist, but I can tell you the reason most of them are against feminism is because there are the rad fems that aren't fighting for equality, but for superiority and blatantly man hate. Not like "men suck" but like say things like "kill all men" and think killing off the entire male species will solve the world's issues."

Okay but just because there are a few nutters in feminism who go too far doesn’t mean people have to distance themselves from it so completely and claim they’re ‘anti’ feminist… The majority of people are just fighting for the equality of the sexes…. I just don’t think anti feminists are helping at all, but it is just my opinion I spose…

The fact that there are people out there who genuinely refer to themselves as ‘anti feminists’ makes me so mad



just because im antifeminist doesnt mean i dont believe in equal rights for women. 




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